e-Poster Presentation

Electronic poster (e-poster) presentations will be presented on a large computer screen. The pre-senter will use 42" LCD displays in the landscape position. Each e-poster presenter will be provided with a display screen and laptop for the poster session.

E-poster should consist of 5 power point slides and is to be saved on a USB key (thumb) drive and uploaded at conference venue before 15th November, 2019 by 9 am.

Formatting Tips

Content Tips

Coverage: In addition to title/author and abstract, the presentation should include brief statements of introduction, method, subjects, results, and conclusions.

Clarity: To permit viewing a poster from a distance, avoid excessive text and small fonts. The follow-ing are recommended :

Notification of abstract status will be delivered by 5-11-19.

If you wish to withdraw your abstract, you must inform the poster and paper committee by e-mail(agoicon2019@gmail.com) before 5-11-19

Attractive prizes will be awarded to the best poster, oral paper and video. Certificates will be given to all participants.